Explains the places, organizations and notions of the world of the Dark Knights.

Terminology of the continent, from L to Z

Specific to the world of the Dark Knights



Laranthus : Shaded Kingdom. Large Shaded Kingdom in the center, between Lynius and Olamus. The Lords of the Rock control all its southern part through a net of fiefs, enjoying there an immense prestige. Still the Duke of Laranthus has been in conflict for years with the Regent of Olamus, on the outline of his frontiers. See also Shaded Kingdoms, Lords of the Rock.
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Levant-land : Frontier Kingdom. The most eastern of the frontier Kingdoms. Produces very famous wines.


Lords of the Rock : Order of Dark Knights. One of the Dark Orders that embodies chivalry and is very close to the chivalric ideal. Its members are masterful horsemen, extremely brave, with a frightening effectiveness on the battlefield. They charge in hedges, with a technique known as the couched lance, renowned for not blinking in face of danger. The Lords of the Rock are the protectors of the East of the Shaded Kingdoms, and the arbiters of the center of the continent. They guarantee the independence of the major trade routes, guarded at intervals by their forts and commanderies. The Order attracts the whole nobility of the Shaded Kingdoms, since each son and prince wants to be trained under its military tradition. The Order’s network of relationships is also very useful to bolster rights over a fief, claims on a title, or even a career.
As great noblemen, the Lords of the Rock are elitist. They enjoy the pleasures of life, such as fine meals and refined furniture. The Order is divided into Lords, Knights, Sergeants (lowborn warriors), Squires, but only the first exercise the real power.
The seat of the Order stands in a mythical place of the Great Desert, several days to the South of Laranthus, accessible through a trail called the road of sands: the Karak. It is in this oasis that the Dark Orders were founded 7 centuries ago, everything started in this place that keeps almost mystical virtues in the eyes of all Dark Knights. See also Karak, Shaded Kingdoms, Orders of Dark Knights.
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Lynius : Shaded Kingdom. Little county in the West between Flavius and Laranthus, with insignificant political weight. Lynius is regarded as neutral ground, in the political feud which opposes the Order of Eaglecross to the Lords of the Rock. It is also the smallest of the Shaded Kingdoms.
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Lyonnesse : Province of the Empire of Eaglecross. Vast and rich march to the South-east of Eaglecross, not far from the Great Desert. It includes the fief of Aquila. It is in this province that major land reforms were undertaken, from 1095 to 1100 A.A.N.. The condition of the peasants there is better, serfdom less harsh. See also Aquila, Eaglecross.
More: Map of Eaglecross and its provinces.



Mercenaries of Duke Darius : Mercenary companies that set out to conquer Quicksilver, under the banner of Darius in 1103 A.A.N.. Maximillien Werner was one of the mercenary leaders. The others became vassals of Duke Darius, on lands that he gave them.


Mounts Hiltmar : Latin on maps, « Hiltmar Montes ». Old and rounded mounts West of Quicksilver: large area of high plateaus, dense forests, gorges and chasms, on nearly 120 Kilometers up to the border of Cerulea. Home to the nomadic rebellion led by Jehunguir Khan, legitimate heir to the throne, ousted from power by Duke Darius in 1103 A.A.N. See also Rebels of Quicksilver, Quicksilver.
More: Map of Quicksilver.



Oerion : Currency of Drachenmar. Small gold ingot of 71,4 grams, worth 20 gold Drakks. It is often a fiduciary unit. Virtually unknown of the ordinary people, who rarely glimpse at an Oerion. See also Currencies.


Olamus : Shaded Kingdom. Vast Shaded Kingdom, between Laranthus and Thelanthus. Just by itself, the duchy owns almost as much land as the seven Frontier Kingdoms altogether. Its plains are rich and very fertile: wines, olive-trees, huge wheat harvests, even before considering the gigantic revenues from trade.
The duchy has been ruled for over 20 years by a Regent, who maintains strained relationships with the Lords of the Rock. Still, none of the two parties could afford to break with the other.
In spite of its misfortunes, the House of Olamus (legitimate ruling Dukes) remains a prestigious line. If it did not shine with each generation, the current House in exile has distinguished itself through courage and determination. The coat of arms of the legitimate Dukes is a fortress standing on a rock, embroidered with a gold thread on a deep blue called « ultramarine » (overseas blue). See also Lords of the Rock, Regent of Olamus, Shaded Kingdoms.
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Order of Eaglecross : Order of Dark Knights. Also called « Guard of Eaglecross », Imperial Guard or praetorian Guard. Organized in three ranks of warriors: Haad Masters, On Masters, Hin Masters (the meaning of these names is lost since time immemorial). The seat of the Order is the barracks of the praetorian Guard, at the foot of the imperial Citadel, in the capital of the Empire. It is a large complex of six open wards, the nerve center of the Order. Its members have austere demeanors, and pass among other Dark Knights for fierce killers with a high sense of secrecy. By decree, they watch over the Emperor of Eaglecross and always escort him when he is out of the Citadel. They are above the imperial laws, answering only to the Emperor whom they discreetly keep under their control. Very few secrets escape the Order of Eaglecross, in the capital and the provinces of the Empire.
The number of Haad Masters has varied from 130 to 220 warriors over time, they wear a bronze brooch (called a « fibula »). The On Masters are always exactly 21, with a silver brooch. The Hin Masters are only 7, with a gold brooch on the chest. They are the ones who collegially rule the Order of Eaglecross, taking decisions behind closed doors.
The fibulas have the shape of an eagle's head. They indicate the rank of the Masters, always worn left close to the heart. They lightly shine on the black tunics, which the members of the Order wear over their coats of mail.
See also Barracks of the praetorian Guard, Hin, and Orders of Dark Knights.
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Order of the Eclipse : Order of Dark Knights. Also called « Order of Drachenmar », nicknamed the « Black shield ». Located in the North-east, in the Empire of Drachenmar which it actively supports - though the Order does not hesitate to pass alliances with other Empires, or even cause the fall of some imperial dynasties, at its whim. - The Order of the Eclipse is a state within the state. Ruled by its Grand Master, its Seneschal and Constable.
Its armies include the dark Cohort, the nocturnal Company, and the Militia of the night. They use - not exclusively - infantry tactics with large shields, bolstered by bowmen. The Order also has a significant cavalry force, since more than a third of its numbers are mounted.
They are considered worthy and tough opponents. See also Orders of Dark Knights.
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Order of the Rock : See Lords of the Rock.


Order of Tarkidia : See Tarkidians.


Orders of Dark Knights : Latin, « Ordines Militum Nigrorum ». Orders founded nearly 7 centuries ago, after the fall of Black Eagle. In the beginning, their pledge was to protect the people, to spare them sufferings, to save civilization and accelerate its return by fighting against barbarism and the calamities of the times. But these Orders gradually seized power. Originally bodyguards of sovereigns and protectors of kingdoms, then finally arbiters, they began to pull the strings. They started then to wage influence wars and armed conflicts against each other, for the control of resources, regions, fiefs, and imperial concessions.

The Dark Knights are deemed to be fearsome, down-to-earth pragmatists. They follow a harsh training and excel at arms, being far more educated than most warriors. They are knights who use their brains, and who do not neglect knowledge so as to understand quickly, and react even quicker. The seven Orders of Dark Knights are very different, with an approach of the arts of combat that they keep jealously to themselves. But they have this in common: they all wear black coats of mail and clothes. They compete against each other, and often form a state within the state, with its vast holdings and secret imperatives.

The seven Orders of Dark Knights that survive to the present are : the Lords of the Rock, the Order of Eaglecross, the Order of the Eclipse, the Tarkidians, the Crepusculars, the Faceless, and the Dark Circle of Chaga Ki.
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The Pillar : Or « Pillar of the Dark Orders ». See Crepusculars.


Prophecy of Quicksilver : Belief. Based on a legend, superstition of the Kingdom of Quicksilver that announces a calamity, a major upheaval, and the end of prosperity. Everything would be jeopardized and reshaped, should the Prophecy fulfill itself. Uttered by the founder of the city on his deathbed, the Prophecy includes a series of more or less interpretable steps, which will succeed each other before its fulfillment. Everything will begin at the Hour of dead in the City of Quicksilver, an hour at which no one must enter the city. This has become a custom for the inhabitants, like a talisman that diverts the supposed curse. For more than 4 and a half centuries, they have been closing the gates at noon and observing a moment of silence and stillness. See also Hour of the dead, City of Quicksilver.



Quicksilver : Frontier Kingdom. Valley in the center of the frontier Kingdoms’ range, between almost impassable peaks to the East, and Mounts Hiltmar to the West. The main access is through the South pass, from the great Way of Kingdoms. Quicksilver shelters an impressive walled City that bears its name, and two castles on isolated mounts: Strikeforge and the ducal Fortress. The country is slightly hilly with woods, fields, vineyards, manors and villages. Total population of the Kingdom in June 1112 A.A.N.: more than 27139 souls. At the northern end of the valley are dug mines of iron and silver, close to the small castle of the North. Quicksilver has the largest army, and sells very famous weapons and armors in all the frontier Kingdoms.
See also City of Quicksilver, Ducal Army, Ducal Fortress, Mounts Hiltmar, Strikeforge.
More: Map of Quicksilver, Map of the frontier Kingdoms closeup.



Rebel camp : Close to Quicksilver, nomadic lair of the rebellion led by Jehunguir Khan. The bulk of the rebel forces lives in this vast camp, that moves secretly and with extreme caution within Mounts Hiltmar.
More: Map of rebel moves.


Rebels of Quicksilver : Dissidents, outlaws and fugitive serfs, gathered around Jehunguir Khan and his dignitaries, to the West of Quicksilver. Since 1103 A.A.N., the rebellion has grown to become a large nomadic camp. The rebels use drastic tactics to protect their families hidden in Mounts Hiltmar. They are mountain dwellers, simple and humble people living close to nature. They are also excellent trackers and archers, who have learned the art of ambush. Always on the watch to escape the horsemen of the ducal army, they remain ready to break camp for counterattacking or disappearing in the vast wilderness of the Mounts.
The rebels are well-liked by part of the people, which helps them to operate extensive spy rings in the valley of Quicksilver. These are the eyes and ears of Jehunguir Kan, who come and go on the lands, and even it seems into the walled city of Quicksilver. See also Cerulea, Mounts Hiltmar, Rebel camp, City of Quicksilver.
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Regent of Olamus : Uncle of Duke Darius who in 1089 A.A.N. murdered the father of the latter, and seized the duchy through a palace revolution. Darius just had enough time to flee the capital with his family and a few followers, taking with him the ducal crown which was to be his as heir. The Regent of Olamus is known to have sent many assassins after his nephew over the years. The sisters and brother of Darius died in exile. He and his wife survived in a small fief, under the protection of the Lords of the Rock. The Regent of Olamus is also known for his conflicting and sometimes strained relations with the Order of the Rock. Still none of the two parties was able to break with the other. The political situation deterred the Lords of the Rock from getting rid of the Regent, and Duke Darius was considered a playing card to put pressure on his uncle. See also Olamus.



School of Eaglecross : Seat of the Order of Eaglecross. See Barracks of the praetorian Guard.


Shaded Kingdoms : Region. The five large Kingdoms to the South of the frontier Kingdoms, in the center of the continent. Although independent, they are of crucial interest to the great Empires, since most major trade routes pass through their lands. Called Shaded Kingdoms for they stretch right at the edge of the Great Desert, they are ruled by four Dukes and a Count. They are also of great interest to the Dark Knights, in particular the Lords of the Rock, who protect three of them, and the Order of Eaglecross.
See Flavius, Lynius, Laranthus, Olamus, Thelanthus. See also Lords of the Rock.
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Shaundakka : Empire. One of the four great Empires, South-east of the continent. Bordered by the great desert in the West, Shaundakka stretches over a very long oblique territory. See also Tarkidians, the Faceless.
More: Map of Shaundakka and details, Map of the South of Shaundakka with commercial details.


Sicle : Currency of Eaglecross. Silver coin of 2 centimeters in diameter for 1,70 grams, much more common than gold currency. Fifty bronze Aces are worth 1 silver Sicle, and 10 silver Sicles are worth 1 gold Wedge. The Sicle is also struck in the Shaded Kingdoms. It is even more widespread in the form of half Sicles, at half the weight. See also Currencies.


Strikeforge : Castle. Castle of the Kingdom of Quicksilver, on a solitary mount nearly 700 meters high. A trail climbs to it through a narrow gully, winding between wall sections. Sitting on sharp rock ridges, occupying the whole summit, the castle is of sinister reputation. During the day, columns of black smoke rise from it. See also Guard of Strikeforge, Quicksilver.
More: Map of Quicksilver.


Sylveblade : City-state to the West of the frontier Kingdoms’ range, where the great Way starts into the mountains. Its name comes from the latin « sylva » for « forest ». Woodlands are many around Sylveblade, and trading is intense in the city, which is of high beauty.
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Tall : Currency of Eaglecross. Small gold ingot, greater monetary unit of the Empire of Eaglecross. The Tall is worth 115,2 grams of gold, either 40 Wedges, or 400 silver Sicles. Often largely fiduciary, the Tall is also cast in the Shaded Kingdoms in lesser quantities. See also Currencies.


Tarkidians : Order of Dark Knights. Also called « Order of Tarkidia » or « Order of the Phoenix ». In the East, in the Empire of Shaundakka, at the foot of the Öz Dahar range. The Tarkidians chiefly use infantry tactics with long lances – they consider this way of combat as the superior way -, completed by effective archers, and some cavalry forces to give pursuit and guard their flanks. They are fearsome. It is the only Order that governs directly a city, Tarkidia in the East which has a particular status in the Empire of Shaundakka. The Tarkidians alone are its citizens, surrounded by numerous servants.
Most of the time the Order stays around Tarkidia, but trains constantly on its lands through maneuvers in formation. The Tarkidians do not seek to expand, but can accept tributes, although money taken by other means than combat is regarded as vile. They are the arbiters of the wars between Umbriel and Shaundakka, but do not always side with the same Empire. They have sworn never to yield in battle, and in case of defeat, their bravery is such that they prefer to be cut down to the last. See also Orders of Dark Knights.
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Thelanthus : Shaded Kingdom. The most eastern of the five Shaded Kingdoms. The most exposed to the threats of the eastern Empires, that frequently demand rights on its oriental trading posts, through pressures and blackmail. The duchy is under the protection of the Lords of the Rock, who with their allies, have successfully held in check all Empires and greedy appetites.
Like Laranthus, Thelanthus also has claims on the borders of Olamus. It is an ancient quarrel. See also Shaded Kingdoms.
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Umbriel : Empire. One of the four great Empires, in the far East, whose borders expand to embrace almost all the oriental coasts of the continent. See also Dark Circle of Chaga Ki.
More: Map of Umbriel and details.



Watch of Quicksilver : Militia formed of citizens from the city of the Quicksilver, bound to serve 2 days per week and to carry out police and watch tasks, on the walls and in the streets. The watch is noticeably less well armed and trained than the ducal army. See also City of Quicksilver, Ducal army.


Wedge : Currency of Eaglecross. Gold coin of 2 centimeters in diameter for 2,88 grams, rather thin on the side. One gold Wedge is worth 10 silver Sicles. The Wedge is also struck in the Shaded Kingdoms, with local engravings and symbols on the coins. It is specified then « Wedge of Laranthus », « Wedge of Olamus ». See also Currencies.