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The Lords of the Rock

Other Names : Order of the Rock.
Emblems : Silver destrier turned to the dexter.
Seat : The Karak.
Sphere of influence : East of the Shaded Kingdoms.
Reputation among other Dark Orders : Immense bravery, terrifying charges, epitome of knighthood, incarnation of nobility.
Motto : Unum ex astris, « Together from the stars ».
Terminology: Lords of the Rock



The Order of Eaglecross

Other Names : Guard of Eaglecross, Imperial Guard, praetorian Guard.
Emblems : Gold eagle head turned to the right (« the dexter ») with three golden balls forming a pyramid, the whole on a black background.
Seat : Barracks of the praetorian Guard, in the City of Eaglecross.
Sphere of influence : Empire of Eaglecross.
Reputation among other Dark Orders : Cold killers, who think fast.
Motto : (unofficial) Percipere latentes vires, « Perceive hidden forces ».
Terminology: Order of Eaglecross



The Order of The Eclipse

Other Names : Order of Drachenmar, Black shield.
Emblems : A black sun crossed by a pale arrow (always inverted on the shields of the Order: with a silver sun and a black arrow).
Seat : Valandia.
Sphere of influence : Empire of Drachenmar.
Reputation among other Dark Orders : Worthy opponents, enduring, powerful Order.
Motto : Pugna est prima virtutum, « Fighting is the first of virtues ».
Terminology: Order of The Eclipse



The Tarkidians

Other Names : Order of Tarkidia, Order of the Phoenix.
Emblems : A Phoenix risisng from a bed of flames, gold on black.
Seat : Tarkidia.
Sphere of influence : Empire of Shaundakka, sometimes Umbriel.
Reputation among other Dark Orders : Extreme courage and combative value, disciplined, mercilessly trained.
Motto : Ad omnia pericula, « Toward every danger ».
Terminology: Tarkidians



The Crepusculars

Other Names : The Pillar, « Pillar of the Dark Orders », sometimes « keepers of silence ».
Emblems : A column, black on gold.
Seat : Lost in the sands of the Grand Desert.
Sphere of influence : Spiritual and moral, see themselves as the guardians of the true way.
Reputation among other Dark Orders : Retired from the world, worthy of respect, very superior in combat, but slightly deranged, treat with great caution.
Motto : Meritus augentur honores, « Honors are greater in the deserts ».
Terminology: Crepusculars



The Faceless

Other Names : No other names.
Emblems : No known emblems for the Order (except sometimes two eyes without irises, carved on the site of their crime).
Seat : Ankura.
Sphere of influence : South of Shaundakka, and imperial capital.
Reputation among other Dark Orders : Vulgar assassins, misled scoundrels, too lenient with vices. (perhaps a wrong opinion)
Motto : Est numquam satis dolis, « There are never enough ruses ».
Terminology: The Faceless



The Dark Circle of Chaga Ki

Other Names : The Circle, the Dark moon.
Emblems : A black circle or a black moon, on silver.
Seat : Chaga Ki.
Sphere of influence : Empire of Umbriel.
Reputation among other Dark Orders : Fearsomely capable and skillful, with a pronounced sense of secret.
Motto : Tacere, apta te, « Be silent, adapt ».
Terminology: Dark Circle of Chaga Ki