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The world of the Dark Knights is a coherent « alternative earth », twin of medieval Europe from the 10th to the 12th century. Everyday life: costume, furniture, architecture, customs, economy, is as close as possible to the historical reality of the times...
But geography is different, events have not unfolded the same way, and the background and political entities have evolved differentely, distinct from those of medieval Europe. (1)
Thus the World of the Dark Knights has its own particularities : places, empires and kingdoms, organizations and notions...

(1) In terms of approach, it is an alternate reality, which makes it possible to explore hypothesis about what might have happened. Although everyday life is as faithful and true as possible to the historical middle ages, some aspects of the world diverge. They are not immediately obvious. It's not at the level of the immediate surroundings, but at the level of the broad backdrop that their effects are felt, that some vast political hypothesis are slowly unveiled.

Besides geography, in this world Orders of Dark Knights, like the Templars and Hospitallers of old, have been founded on a non religious basis, in a situation similar to the fall of Rome. They have seized power more or less openly, they are the « king makers ».
Hence the title of the series, that follows two Dark Knights that are out of the ordinary…

It is thus at the convergence of historical reality and an imaginary, but very realistic world, that the saga of the Dark Knights unfolds.
This world is part of the plot and the exotic charm of the books. I hope you will have as much pleasure in discovering it, as I had in polishing it over time.


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