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Coming soon, the thrilling 1st book of the saga

For centuries, Orders of Dark Knights have been the hand that rules the world in the shadows, deciding the fate of kings and states.

Quicksilver : a kingdom in the mountains, seized by Duke Darius.

Darius has sworn to take back the duchy that was once his father's. He is ready and about to strike ; he has prepared for war during 8 years. But before that, he must eliminate the rebellion that lurks in the mountains. A rebellion led by the legitimate heir to the throne, the child who escaped his grasp long ago.

At this very moment, a dark knight arrives at the gates of Quicksilver. He breaks a centuries-old custom, inspiring awe and fear among the people. Men-at-arms close in on him; he gets rid of them. Yet for centuries, the ancient Prophecy has warned ominously: no one must enter the city at the hour of the dead. What if he were the man of the Prophecy? The one who will shake the realm and bring war…

Unless a fearsome plan, designed years ago, is unfolding in the shadows…

A countdown begins, in which follow conspiracies, deceit and cinematic action against the odds.

Dark Knights 1, Stranger in a strange land


Stranger in a strange land is the first book in a series of historical thrillers, both realistic and epic. It is currently being translated in english.
Meanwhile, you can discover the Saga and its world on this site.


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Readers' opinions (for the french version), Vol. 1 to 3

« Truly fascinating characters. »


« A monument. These books are like a drug, and you can't get enough. »


« After work, I was in a hurry to read what was happening next. »


« I am amazed by the tale and the knowledge it supposes. There is real skill here, with a strong story and vivid characters. »


« This is very interesting, a compelling and highly original read. »


« I was gripped by the combat and action scenes. »


« Sometimes, it feels like you're part the setting or watching a movie. You're just there. »


« It's not your usual novel, filled with empty characters and dialogs, gone and forgotten in the blink of an eye. »


« The two main characters are clever and engaging, and as complex as the plot may be, you're never lost. »


« I found the characters and their world to be very interesting. »


« It seems to revisit the genre, with a few action scenes unfolding in slow motion. These are the ones that you visually remember. It's interesting, entertaining and very well made. »


« Increasingly interesting characters, who grow within the story. »


« Some locations are depicted with real work on lights and shadows. I can still see them. »


« My only regret is that I wish there were another hundred pages. »


« It's rich and deep, a very smooth work. »


« You get into it, the times and the setting, and it's a good balance between historical fact and original plot. »


« Even the secondary characters are believable. And there are many. »


« It has depth but it's an easy read. You even reach the end too soon. »


« The plot is riveting, and you learn a lot about the real middle ages. »


« Inspires you to travel and rediscover the medieval castles of old. »


« There is more than a twist, and it keeps you wondering. You can't put it down. »


« Leaves a strong impact. These books and their story are not easily forgotten. »


« Many details are true and historically accurate, it's an added value. »


« I spent my time wondering about the true motives of the characters, and what kind of double game they were playing. »


« These are not books, but works of art. »


« I really want to read the next one. In fact when I finished Volume 3, I wanted to start immediately. »


You can also travel the world of the Dark Knights by clicking on the maps, and following the links to the explanations of the Terminology.


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