Dark Knights: and rocks again...
Dark Knights: and rocks...
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Fact sheet on the Dark Knights Saga
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Everything starts with a story and characters...


Dark Knights is a crossover between genres, aimed at adults who enjoy a thrilling realistic plot, with a palette of nuances.

Moreover no one tells me what to put in my books, even if I'm very curious about the readers' opinions afterward.


A few facts on the Saga:

  1. Parts of the Prophecy of Quicksilver is based on a certain number of indo-european myths.

  2. Sergio Leone was a strong visual influence, with his daring sense of exposition and experimentation. He took chances, so do I.

  3. Dark Knights was initially a screenplay, that was almost bought. However, the deal was not finalized since the director wanted to change too many things for my taste (almost everything, and I thought oh well, I can do something else with it).

  4. Over the versions, the characters of Darius and the Dark Man (aka "Surt Johanson") slowly evolved and deepened.

  5. The name of Maximillien Werner is a disguised homage to the swiss actor Maximilian Schell (with a few spelling variations).

  6. For the whole Saga, nearly 8,98 Go of historical documents were archived and sorted by topics. They're regularly consulted. Along with summaries for quick reference, and for assessing the current state of knowledge on precise historical details.

  7. A few scenes went through 19 major rewrites. And often, there were substantial differences in the dialog and details...

  8. I sometimes use personal dictionaries, chiefly for terms of combat or architecture. These small lexicons make it possible to switch quickly from one idea to another, to find the right word or an alternative.

  9. The Saga has a detailed chronology, not only year by year and month by month, but also hour by hour in some cases. I wanted to make sure that the course of events could proceed in a realistic way.
    The chronology runs over 46 dense pages.

  10. The story line and structure of Volumes 4 to 7 went through 11 versions over 206 pages. Without counting colored diagrams and arrows.

  11. Strikeforge, the city of Quicksilver, the Fortress... and the Throne room are important places for the whole Saga. Equally essential are the two Orders that we meet later, the Order of Eaglecross and the Lords of the Rock.

  12. But as you will see later on, we'll meet almost all the Orders of dark knights: 5 out of 7.


And that is all for now. Enjoy your reading,

Hugues Delalande