Empire of Umbriel

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Umbriel at a glance

From its thin corner in the West, which gives it access to the Shaded Kingdoms, the Empire of Umbriel expands widelly to the East, between Drachenmar and Shaundakka.
Its capital of Rel Parva is located in the bay of Umbriel, opening on the steel sea.
The Empire has long coastlines in the East, vast plains to the North, and a very large merchant navy. Its myriads of ships sail along the coasts and go trading to the South up to the Great Isthmus.

The long range of the Öz Dahar separates Umbriel from Shaundakka. To the North, the Empire of Drachenmar encroaches on part of the plains, beyond the mountains. Without any natural obstacle, wars between the two Empires quickly become heated. Their many castles face each other along the border, a source of regular frictions and claims.


Enigmatic Circle

The dark Circle of Chaga Ki rules without divide on the East of the Empire. It operates all the way along its coasts, accomplishing various deeds financed by lords, merchants, and local personalities. It seems however to try to maintain the civil peace. The Order does not support the Empire of Umbriel unconditionally, but always sides up with it in case of conflict.

The dark Circle of Chaga Ki acts in a blurred way, but it has a sense of the given word. It is deemed extremely formidable, and very secret. Members of the Circle are able to hold their own against the powerful Order of the Eclipse (from Drachenmar), by avoiding frontal approach. They prefer to assassinate their captains in the night. For the Order of Chaga Ki is also famous for its infiltrations inside strongholds, its effective recognitions of places, and its actions without remorse.
The town of Chaga Ki lays only 150 Kilometers away from the capital. Here the dark Circle owns secret houses and crypts, with concealed fiefs in the vicinity.
But the Order of Chaga Ki takes care mostly of its own interests, its goals remaining deeply mysterious.
The Order owns for example in the capital Rel Parva a collection of rigged houses and underground passages. It can come to the Emperor, but on request only, and preferably behind closed doors, at unexpected times.