The South of Shaundakka

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The South of Shaundakka at a glance

South between the Great Isthmus and Shaundakka stretches a long coastal band : more than 1300 Kilometers stand between the three cities and Ashgari.
The large peninsula of the Karashankir is no vassal of Shaundakka, and is not bound by military treaty with it. Still the Empire is in close trade with the Karashankir, which slowly rebuilds itself these days.
The peninsula shelters gold and silver mines, tailoring centers for draperies, counters through which pass luxury goods like silk, spices, ivory, fine wines. Whoever weakens it also compromises the trade flows of Shaundakka.
The South of Shaundakka was the theater of large military operations, led by a captain (warlord) who disappeared as suddenly as he appeared. Through bold raids, his troops gathered considerable spoils from 1105 to 1110 A.A.N.. Their ravages still mark the region.
The South of Shaundakka is also crossed by a desert stretch, where rises the Öz Kouch, a series of Mounts worn away and hollowed by the winds over a desolate bassin. Some still bear immemorial inscriptions and sculptures over their slopes.


Network of intrigues

The Faceless, zealous assassins and spies of the region, use their subterfuges around their secondary seat in Ashgari. They keep watch over, and profit from the rich South, with its merchant convoys that descend between the Great Desert and Shaundakka. Ceaselessly, the Faceless sell themselves to the highest bidder, handling poison as well as the dagger from the shadows.


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