Empire of Shaundakka

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Shaundakka at a glance

The frontiers of Shaundakka stretch in a long oblique strip, from North-west to South-east. In the West, the Empire borders the caravan roads that go down toward the South. The range of the Öz Dahar separates most of it from the Empire of Umbriel. Shaundakka is arid, especially to the South, where its clay or mud brick houses often display wind turrets (to spread ventilation inside), and irrigations for their gardens.
The armies of Shaundakka are imposing, but their command sometimes entrusted to generals whose first virtue are to be good courtiers.
In his capital of Kirshahar, the Emperor is at the center of a web of intrigues. Many courtiers and great nobles try to make each other stumble to gain his attention, while keeping watch on their rivals jealously.


The Dark Knights of the region: the Tarkidians and the Faceless

The Tarkidians, though within the borders of Shaundakka, enjoy an autonomous status around their city-state, Tarkidia. The members of the Order are its only citizens, others being their servants. The Tarkidians sometimes ally with Shaundakka, sometimes with Umbriel. Their only concern is to fight. With their leonine spirit, they regard intrigues as contemptible, just like the fact of being somebody's vassal. The Order of Tarkidia is respected and feared in the region. Within the Order, only weapon skills are considered worthy of interest, and the Tarkidians excel at these.

The Faceless have their home in Ankura, and a secondary seat in Ashgari. They have relinquished the North-west of the Empire to the Tarkidians, which they avoid to annoy, leaving them a wide space so as not to encroach on their interests. They concentrate on espionage and the extortion to the South. As assassins, they are much employed in the Empire of Shaundakka.


Orders of opposite spirits

The two Orders are by nature much different. One primarily of fighters, fields expert and steadfast armed forces, that can decide the fate of a battle, or even a conflict.

The other uses devious tricks, is almost nothing as a military force and does not shine at war, but operates ceaselessly in the shadows. And it believes completely stupid to hesitate with ideas such as honor or morals.


The influence of the Faceless reaches however to the capital where they act as assassins, sometimes for the Emperor when His Imperial Majesty decides to pay the price. There is too much money flowing in Kirshahar, for the Faceless to neglect it, while the Tarkidians keep their distances, do not hide their contempt for the intrigues of the palace, and only pay visits in a sovereign way, to speak to the Emperor without bending the knee.


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