The Great Isthmus

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The Great Isthmus at a glance

The Great Isthmus, at the far South of the continent, is home to many merchant towns. Several kingdoms and city-states control its territory.
Most trade is by sea. Several trade routes go below the southern edge of the Great Desert, all the way from Eaglecross to Shaundakka, but taking these takes much more time than transport by galley or any vessel going along the coast.
Among the cities of the Great Isthmus, Masnada, long impregnable and undefeated, has the most formidable fortifications.
The kingdom of three cities, beforehand of little importance, has streched since 1105 A.N.N., along the coast towards Shaundakka. It forms today a mighty alliance of fiefs in the hands of Counts, who rule over large regions.

As a side note, the seasons are not inverted South of the continent, as the equator passes much below the Great Isthmus, which enjoys a warm but temperate climate.


Terminology:   A.A.N.

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