The Great Desert

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The Great Desert at a glance

At the heart of the continent, the Great bright Desert stretches from North to South over 1500 Kilometers of dunes, jagged and eroded rocks. It is considered impossible to cross from one side to another, due to the lack of known oases and wells at intervals. It often reflects heat waves that distort the horizon, in an intense shimmering. The scant and foolhardy travelers die in its sands of thirst and hallucinations. Only a few primitive tribes inhabit the desert close to a water source, dwelling in caves.
The Great Desert is thoroughly avoided by merchant caravans : all trade routes go around it, most of them North, some of them South. It also forces the great Empires to wage their wars at the center North of the continent, through the lands of the Shaded Kingdoms.
It is a universe of sands, dunes and tortured rocks, scorched by the sun. Its dunes of reddish orange or pale gold seem to roll endlessly. It is also a place of great beauty.


Home to two Orders of Dark Knights

The Karak, seat of the Order of the Lords of the Rock, is located within a 4 days ride into the great desert, South of Laranthus. The Orders of Dark Knights were born nearly 7 centuries ago in this majestic oasis, before spreading on the continent. The Lords of the Rock also possess a number of small forts that dot the northern border of the desert near the Shaded Kingdoms.
The seat of the Order of the Crepusculars, also known as the Pillar, is lost in the sands South-west of the Great Desert. No one ventures there.
The Shaded Kingdoms got their name from the Great Desert: their green and water-rich lands are a blessing and a delight to the eyes, for those who manage to leave this universe of blazing dunes and rocks. They seem to be a miracle of shade, coolness and fertility…


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