Empire of Eaglecross

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Eaglecross at a glance

Eaglecross is thus named because its city lies at a « crossing of routes »: the intersection of four great commercial roads, the 5th being the sea.
The Empire includes 13 provinces, but its reputation is deplorable on the continent. Just the evocation of its name conjures mistrust and hostility.
Facing the Ponant Sea, the City of Eaglecross lays in the central province of Peregrynne. Its many streets are dominated by the imperial Citadel where live the Emperor, his troops, his legions of dignitaries, the most famous of which being the palatine Counts.
The City is also home to an Order of Dark Knights called « the Order of Eaglecross ».

The Empire of Eaglecross, also known as « second empire », is the successor of Black Eagle that left its mark on the continent... before collapsing in a long and violent agony that nearly took with it all civilization.

The Order of Eaglecross helped its restoration over centuries and, working secretly, took steps so that the second Empire never followed the path of the first... This regularly includes getting their hands dirty, using their influence and carrying out covert operations.

See also the Council chamber of the Order.

The Dark Knights Saga begins in 1112, Anno Aquilae Nigrae (« of the year of Black Eagle »), with members of the Order of Eaglecross. On may 7th, 1:17 a.m.


Brief history of Black Eagle and Eaglecross

Eaglecross is the most ancient city of the continent. Founded 1300 years ago under the name of « Black Eagle », the people who built it came from the sea before spreading all over the continent.
Fate caught up with them: Black Eagle afterward conquered in a few centuries half of the continent, then two thirds of it.
History is even dated from the year when Cassiodorus made of Black Eagle an Empire, changing the City council into a consultative senate. He was the first Emperor to rise to the throne. The convention, still in use, is to append to the dates the mention A.A.N for Anno Aquilae Nigrae (of the Year of Black Eagle).

But this Empire crumbled from within in a cataclysm. It was enslaving other people, was tainted, corrupted, and saw on the throne a long line of cruel and perverse Emperors.
Although civilized, the Empire lived of plunders and spoils of wars by subjugating the people. It was never able to excel in other fields than its devouring rapacity. Few people enjoyed complete civic rights. All others were pitilessly maintained in servitude. The wealths of the conquests were wasted in insane extravagances instead of being invested.
Black Eagle began its decline nearly 980 years ago, which ended after 2 centuries of agony and revolts. Old imperial provinces reclaimed their independence to protect themselves from the chaos; the Empire of Black Eagle folded back on its city and its institutions crumbled.

740 years ago, the city of Black Eagle was sacked. The Empire was almost conquered and nearly disappeared, cursed by the people it had too long reduced in slavery. The great city remained dying with some pieces of its Empire.

It was a renewal of commercial exchanges that enabled it to survive. It stood at the crossroads between its old border provinces, now autonomous. Many caravans were halting there. The merchants were visiting the historical vestiges of the city. After some years, a few determined citizens launched their own caravans and grew rich. The merchant navy resurrected slowly.

680 years ago, a freshy founded Order of Dark Knights settled in the walls of the City and opened a school. Its members took the habit of protecting the noble families, then merchants on expedition. This Order later became the Order of Eaglecross, and its impact was decisive on the restoration of the Empire.

640 years ago, the population started to grow again in the City of Black Eagle.
590 years ago, the City started to strike coins again. Trade goods were flowing at the « crossroads ». The merchants made considerable fortunes.

570 years ago, in honor of the « crossing of routes » the City renamed itself Eaglecross and modified its banner. 550 years ago, a decree instituted the Order of Eaglecross as the privileged bodyguards of the Emperor, with broad powers of justice.

It took nearly 3 centuries for Eaglecross to reincorporate its old provinces, in a system close to federation.
500 years ago, the Empire was restored under the name of Eaglecross by Gunderic the Great. But its name remained despized by many people forever, because of the past of Black Eagle, and its fall which nearly took with it all civilization, causing considerable sufferings on the continent.

In its barracks at the foot of the imperial Citadel, and notably in the council chamber, the Order of Eaglecross has taken the habit of analyzing the causes of the fall of the first Empire, and the destructive forces which brought it. In the greatest of secrecy, it swore to do anything to prevent their resurgence. Even at the cost of making mistakes sometimes and getting its hands dirty…

See also the Council chamber of the Order.


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