Empire of Drachenmar

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Drachenmar at a glance

The frontiers of Drachenmar reach beyond the range of the Feindblau and extend on the plains to the East, relinquishing most of them to the Empire of Umbriel, except to the North, which is tougher and very hostile to colonization.
The extreme North-east of the continent is an ungrateful territory. Drachenmar owns chiefly two habitable bands, on either side of the mountains of the Feindblau.
In the South-west, part of the trade of the Empire goes through the free city-state of Kilmaleague.
In the West are barbarian lands, occupied by warlike people that prevent any expansion, or even passage. These lands, much colder because of a sea current, are often frozen.


Succession wars

From 1091 to 1102 A.A.N., succession wars drenched Drachenmar in blood. At the vacancy of the imperial throne, several members of the ruling family tried to put forward their claims. The wars between pretenders lasted over a decade, bringing misery to the people, years of blood and grim conflicts, with a horde of betrayals. These wars involved many mercenaries, including a company leader called Maximillien Werner… who came back disillusioned.


The Dark Knights of the Eclipse

The Order of the Eclipse has its seat on a hill just outside the capital, Valandia. Thus the inhabitants always have before their eyes two castles, the seats of a bipolar power.
The Order's sprawling stronghold is impressively fortified and very large.
The Order of the Eclipse actively supports the Empire of Drachenmar (it is also called « Order of Drachenmar »), but does not hesitate to cause the fall of certain dynasties at its whim.

Its headquarters in the East are at Festmar, so as to better hold in check the Empire of Umbriel.
The Knights of the Eclipse are divided into several armies, which guard the marches of the Empire : the dark Cohort, the nocturnal Company, and the Militia of the night.


In combat

The Order often uses shields painted of solid black, hence its nickname of « Black Shield ».

Many foot soldiers, especially those of the first lines, carry high and large shields. These warriors are trained in special tactics to form a shield wall, protect themselves from arrows, charging while using to best effect the shields (and their knocking power), or form a defensive square.
The Order also has important cavalry forces, which include its elite.
All shields are thus entirely black, except for the iron buckle at the center top. Rare decorations are white on black : white crows, heads of greyhounds, white diagonal bands (known as bands or bars, according to whether they fall from the left or the right side), chevrons, or a white circle symbolizing the sun, sometimes notched or crossed by a black arrow.

For important battles, the Knights of the Eclipse are led by their Constable.


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