Frontier Kingdoms

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The frontier Kingdoms at a glance

The 7 frontier Kingdoms are: Septentrion, Duskvale, Cerulea, Quicksilver, Deepmists, Peridot, and Levant-land.
The great mountain range sheltering them forms the frontier, a natural obstacle between the great Empires, and any invasion must proceed around it.
The frontier Kingdoms are very independent, without the intrigues of the South. They lay in large valleys easily defended, bordered by mountains that are difficult to cross. « The fortunes there are made and unmade », far from the eyes of any overlord : this is their wild side. The Orders of Dark Knights have little concern for these independent kingdoms, preferring to devote their attention to the priorities of the South.
As such, the frontier Kingdoms are a blind spot from which anything might arise…

Among these Kingdoms, Septentrion is the northernmost, the striking landscape of Duskvale has a reputation among travelers, tiny Cerulea is one of the richest thanks to its silver mines, Quicksilver harbors the largest army, and sells first-rate arms and armors in the whole frontier Kingdoms, the large and often shrouded Deepmists is riddled with thermal springs, Peridot is known for its green and lush plains, and Levant-land to the East sells famous wines.


A way into the mountains

The frontier Kingdoms' range stretches over 800 Kilometers of young and old mountains, born from two successive creases, through collisions of the tectonic plates.
It is crossed from West to East by the « Great Way of Kingdoms », a long altitude road that winds on the slopes, goes through the passes, and twists between the peaks for almost 1100 Kilometers, with roadhouses, and forks toward each Kingdom. Trade upon it is intense, but mostly occurs between frontier Kingdoms. Since the Way is difficult for chariots, most merchant convoys prefer to follow the Southern routes, through the Shaded Kingdoms.
The great Way ends on each side at the independent city-states of Sylveblade and Kilmaleague.


The two city-states

Sylveblade and Kilmaleague, at each end of the great Way, collect sizeable revenues from trade beside the large territories that they own.
Sylveblade : to the West, rules over a vast woodland country of which not much is cleared out. (Its name does not come from « silver », but from the latin « sylva » for « forest ».) It shares a long border to the West with Flavius, that winds at about 200 Kilometers from the great dorsal. Its southern frontier leads to Lynius. The city is of high beauty.
Kilmaleague : to the East, stands at the crossroads of Drachenmar, Umbriel, Shaundakka, and the great Way. With its atmosphere of suspicious leeway, its reputation of unbridled debauchery, followed by brawls and violence, the city is home to outlaws and soldiers of fortune. Besides the stream of merchants, many men-at-arms come here seeking employment, then move to serve into the three Empires of the East.


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