Center North of the continent

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South, the rich and fertile expanses of the Shaded Kingdoms.
North, the great mountain range of the frontier Kingdoms, flanked by the two important city-states.


The Shaded Kingdoms at a glance

The 5 Shaded Kingdoms are: Flavius, Lynius, Laranthus, Olamus, and Thelanthus.
They are duchies, except Lynius, but their Dukes are not accountable to any overlord, and might as well take the title of Kings. Their magnificent lands are fertile and well irrigated: a blue and green landscape, with the revenues of trade turning a huge profit. The origin of their name


The region's strategic importance

The Shaded Kingdoms: these 5 Kingdoms at the center of the continent receive every attention, as the focus of speculations and intrigues, for the great trade routes that cross through them connect the Great Empires, generating huge profits. Each Empire wants a share of the revenues, without any rival power getting more. Even in the absence of open wars, any new tax levied on the caravans is seen as a hostile maneuver.
The independence of the Shaded Kingdoms is a shared wish and tolerance. None of the Great Empires could undertake their conquest, without triggering war from all others. The region is in a delicate equilibrium, the larger powers in its periphery vying to maintain the status quo or to change very slowly the rulers in power…
That is why two thirds of the Shaded Kingdoms remain under the protection of the Lords of the Rock, who guarantee their independence, which suits everyone.


The Dark Knights' influence

The Orders of Dark Knights wage secret wars, covert or open, for control of the region.
Flavius to the West is under the domination of the Order of Eaglecross, almost in the orbit of the Empire. The duchy would be the 14th province of Eaglecross, without the counterforce of the Lords of the Rock.
Lynius sways from one side to the other while trying not to displease anyone, a difficult task. The earldom is small and its power almost negligible.
The Lords of the Rock exert a strong influence on the three Shaded Kingdoms in the East. They are the true defenders of these lands: their forts and commanderies line the great trade routes, though the seat of the Order stands in the Great Desert, 4 days South of Laranthus. This seems to imply proudly to their allies: « we do not reside on your lands; you will come to us, to pay homage. »
The prestige of the Lords of the Rock in the Shaded Kingdoms is immense: the Order attracts like a magnet most of the princes of blood and noble sons, who are eager to join it. The Order is the incarnation of the nobility of the region, in the capacity of a political body that defends its interests, beyond petty disputes. It is the true power. The Lords of the Rock are also formidable knights, whose reputation on the battlefield strikes fear…
But at times they have to do with certain rulers, as evidenced by their strained dealings with the Regent of Olamus since 1089 A.A.N.. Still, their neutrality to the great Empires guarantees the independence of the great trade routes, for the benefit of everyone.
... But not without effort, maneuvers or conflicts.


The frontier Kingdoms


The two city-states


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