Several knights, one Saga

Dark Knights is a single, huge story, told in a series of novels. Each starts exactly where the previous one ends. But there is a well-defined plot with a story arc, this is not a soap opera.
Essentially, these thrillers are written with adults in mind, and one of their many themes is « spying in the middle ages ». It's a strong liquor : the characters are hard-boiled, tough and pragmatic, full of shadows, nuances, and secrets. By its scope, this is a vast story, where twists abound and situations often turn around. It is also set into a larger background, a world with a storyline.
One of the goals was to recreate the historical context and plunge into the times as if standing beside the characters, with absolute realism. And since today, the middle ages are as remote to us as a science-fiction story, it is almost a world that is introduced in small touches…
But definitely, I wanted the reader to feel on site until he could see the dust grains in suspension and the play of shadows in a room. Until he/she could understand how people lived at the time, and relate to them. From that point of view, the Saga is also a discovery and a headlong jump into the medieval era…



In short these books are spy novels in the middle ages – where among the many themes you will find: lost love, frustrated ambition, vengeance and bravery against the odds –, with an atmosphere close to « film noir ». Far remote from fairy-tale or magical fantasy, the story is told in an ultra realistic way.
This is the story of a countdown and a race against time, where the protagonists will have to change deeply and make crucial decisions within the space of a few days. Who's betraying who, who's manipulating who ? And to what end ?
Like a mosaic, the fate of several characters entwine and meet until they converge, converge to…


Who can enjoy these books?

Written with adults in mind, they can appeal to :

  • those who appreciate suspense novels,
  • the fans of police and detective stories,
  • those who enjoy the middle ages,
  • or historical novels,
  • those looking for an escapist story,
  • and even teenagers...

However, these books are not for children : the weapons have realistic effects, the concerns are those of adults, good does not always triumph, and at the end « they don't necessarily live happily ever after ».

But if you enjoy characters with more than a facet and depth…
If you enjoy thrilling stories with twists, U turns, enjoy to hold your breath. And if you are vaguely curious of the middle ages, or looking for an exotic story, there are great chances that this is for you.
And if you open these books looking for hard-boiled heroes, conspiracies, thrills, and sometimes tense action, I believe you will have enough on your plate.


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