Dark Knights 2 - Devious Schemes

In the heart of the Fortress, two dark knights face off each other

Dark Knights 2

« The most precious secrets must be wrapped in shadows. »
For a long while, the Orders of dark knights have been the hand behind the thrones in the shadows.
Quicksilver : a kingdom in the mountains, seized by Duke Darius.
Darius has sworn to take back the duchy that was once his father's. He is ready and about to strike ; he has prepared for war for 8 years. But before that, he must eliminate the rebellion that lurks in the mountains. A rebellion led by the legitimate heir to the throne, the child who escaped his grasp long ago.
But today, Darius must pass judgment on the dark knight who broke the custom of Quicksilver. No one doubts that he will make a bloody example of the stranger.
Unless a fearsome plan, designed years ago, is unfolding in the shadows…
with events at the end that may well shake Quicksilver, or even the whole continent.
For Duke Darius himself is a former dark knight, with a grudge against his own Order…
The surprising follow-up to the Dark Knights Saga opens many doors, and calls into question many things. It reshuffles the deck, for nothing was what it seemed. In a cat-and-mouse game, shrewd calculations begin for a daring plan. It all starts here… when two dark knights meet.


Devious Schemes
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Dark Knights Volume 2, lifts the curtain on the subterfuge and reverses the perspective. For you were the witness of a deceptive maneuver. But to what end?
If you've read "Stranger on a strange land", nothing has prepared you for what comes next...





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