Dark Knights 1 - Stranger in a strange land

The story opens on a secluded kingdom, and several deep mysteries

Dark Knights 1

« You're in trouble, stranger. You asked for it. »
A secluded realm in the mountains.
In the city of Quicksilver, the gates have been closed at noon for 4 and a half centuries. But a knight clad in black broke the dreaded custom today.
Yet every man, woman and child, knows that no one must cross the city gates at the hour of the dead. The ancient Prophecy has warned for centuries.
The guards close in to arrest the stranger; he gets rid of them.
What if he were the man of the Prophecy, the one who will bring upheaval and war?
But to avoid the Prophecy, those who trespass quickly end up on the gallows or their head on the block.
And with the many men-at-arms inside the walls, the stranger will not leave the city alive. They will arrest him, for sure.
Little known to everyone, Orders of Dark Knights have seized power in the shadows, and decide the fate of kingdoms.
Set in a vivid medieval word, comes an intense story of knights with cold blood and steel nerves, secrets and dark pasts, a historical thriller with a tight plot, displaying conspiracies, deceit and desperate action against the odds.
The riveting Dark Knights Saga, with its unexpected twists and turns… compels to turn the pages with a lingering question: what will happen next?

« Particularly convincing and captivating. »
Vae Victis



Coming in 2017
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Dark Knights 1



The Beginning

After a frantic chase under the full moon, seven dark knights catch up to the most famous renegade of their Order, the man who has sworn to destroy them. But against all odds, they will not attempt to kill him tonight; instead, they came to talk. One of his former comrades urges him to accept a mysterious offer…
Yet there's nothing innocent about them, for the Orders of dark knights are the real power in the shadows, « the hand that rules behind the thrones ».

28 days later, a dark knight crosses the South pass that leads to the kingdom of Quicksilver. He goes down into the large sunken valley, and enters the walled city. But suddenly the belfry strikes twelve, and all bystanders, men, women and children, freeze in the main street…
The hour of the dead has chimed.  

A countdown begins...
Dark knights, Stranger in a strange land, is a very strong liquor if you enjoy thrillers, historical novels, or escapist fiction.



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