I am a real geek (or computer kid), fascinated by history, and who loves to write.
I can't even spare the time to have a dog or cat.

I grew up with american literature. Among my favorite authors are James Ellroy, Leigh Brackett, James Clavell. And I reread every two years the classics that are Dune and Shogun.
I could also cite Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester, Philip K. Dick…
Among the french, I have a weak spot for Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Boris Vian.


I'll spare you the caramel pie of my aunt, and the place where I grew.


I’ve been thinking, living and sleeping in the world of the Dark Knights for a long time. It's a creation, that has kept me quite busy. I love the characters - almost all of them - and I am obsessed by not releasing a text, before being true to them.
I start with a vision (of what I want to see, what I'd like to read, the psychological clockworks of the characters, what might exist), then I try to transcribe this vision at best. At least, it's a sincere approach.


In everyday life, I am a project manager in Information Technology, specialist of Java, systems architecture, databases and computer security. I have worked for Suns Microsystems, Oracle, indirectly for Microsoft and IBM. (I'll stop here, even if Larry Ellison is my favorite boss - he must have read Shogun).


I always had a passion for history - that will be half a surprise to you. I spend at least as much time reading pure historical essays, as reading novels. Among my favorite historians are Ferdinand Lot, Marc Bloch, Georges Duby, Plutarch, Viollet-le-Duc...
If you don't know any of them, just rest assured that I do not write anything reckless when portraying the medieval times.


In 1995, I published a historical essay on the evolution of « Weapons, Armors, Clothes, and Furniture, from the 8th to the 13th century ». It tackled the evolutions of common objects over six centuries, partially based on the linguistic roots and etymological dating. I still use my work when writing Dark Knights, while keeping a careful eye on current historical discoveries, for archaeology never stops…


I'll confess, I do not always know how to sum up the huge universe of Dark Knights in a single sentence, a single idea. It means several things to me - and hopefully to you - a deep and rich world, very much alive, with more than one theme, open or underlying.


Finally one day, I decided to write about it without trying to define it, and I think that it was a good move.
If you also like the books, sincerely, I can't think of no better praise.


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